ROUTE 01Kanazawa Highlights Route


Start: Kanazawa Sta. or Korinbo
Finish: Kanazawa Sta. or Korinbo

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Depart from Tsuzumi-mon Gate at the station and enjoy the charming townscape on your way to a popular art museum, for this tour of Kanazawa's highlights.

DISTANCE Approx. 10km
WALK Approx. 2h 10min
JOG Approx. 1h 10min

Kanazawa Highlights Route



Kanazawa Station (Tsuzumi-mon Gate & Motenashi (Welcome) Dome)

Kanazawa Station
(Tsuzumi-mon Gate & Motenashi (Welcome) Dome)

Selected as one of the world's 14 most beautiful train stations. The Motenashi (Welcome) Dome was designed to represent an umbrella being held out to greet visitors, while Tsuzumi-mon Gate is meant to evoke the type of drum used in traditional performing arts. A great place for photos!


Omi-cho Market

Omi-cho Market

Established in 1721, the so-called “kitchen of Kanazawa” has been a beloved part of the city's food culture ever since. Some shops open quite early in the morning, making it a fun place to drop by.


Oyama Jinja Shrine

Oyama Jinja Shrine

Built in 1873, and dedicated to both Maeda Toshiie (the feudal lord who founded the Kaga Domain, where Kanazawa is now located) and his wife, Omatsu no Kata. Walkers and joggers are welcome to climb the stairs and pass through the shrine grounds.


Kanazawa Castle Park

Kanazawa Castle Park

A large park now home to a partial reproduction of Kanazawa Castle, which once stood here. Worth a visit to see the many different stone walls and moats.


21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

Opened in 2004, featuring a stunning glass-walled circular design. The exterior also features a variety of sculptures open to the public, including the “Maru” stainless steel spheres, and the “Color Activity House,” a set of colorful concentric walls.


The Fourth High School Memorial Park, Ishikawa

The Fourth High School Memorial Park, Ishikawa

Beloved by the people of Ishikawa as a place of learning, even back during the feudal era. Enjoy the old-fashioned red brick architecture of the Fourth High School Memorial Museum of Cultural Exchange.


Korinbo(Landmark: “Run!” sculpture)

(Landmark: “Run!” sculpture)

This sculpture was selected as the winner of a 2004 art competition that drew entries from around the world. It represents the city's drive to continuously move forward, adopting and creating new values.


Saigawa Riv.

Saigawa River

Nicknamed "Otokogawa," or "Manly River," for its mighty flow. A lovely place for a breather, to enjoy the beautiful view of the river and the mountains.


Naga-machi Buke Yashiki Dist.

Naga-machi Buke Yashiki District

Once the homes of the feudal lord's retainers, and even today still in use by the people of Kanazawa. The old earthen walls, narrow stone-paved roads, and irrigation channels have a charming old-fashioned feel.

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